Primers for Oily Skin

I’ve been wearing make-up since I was 13 years old but didn’t know much about primers until a few years ago. However, I am no expert. I got curious about primers because I like to know what’s hot and happening in the beauty world. If something is supposed to help enhance your look, you better believe I know about it. I may not do everything I hear about but I am “in the know” ;).

Primers are quite frankly a must if you work over nine hours a day and don’t want the hassle of having to keep re-applying your make-up every hour. Also, if you have oily skin and love make-up, the primer is your best friend. I happen to work over 9 hours a day and I also have a very oily skin so I NEED a primer. Primers do for your face what a waist trainer does for your figure. Through sheer magic (don’t quote me) it smoothes and holds your face in place so that whatever you put on top makes you look significantly better. Whether you want to “erase your pores”, mattify or prevent your make-up from smearing, primers are just the thing to achieve a flawless finish. Thanks to Beyonce, we all want to look flawless.

Here are three primers I purchased for my oily skin and my thoughts on them:


Maybelline Baby Skin Instant Pore Eraser: It claims to erase your pores but it didn’t erase mine, I wish it did! This primer is clear in appearance. It looks thick but feels very light and spreads easily on face. However, my pores didn’t just disappear but they looked noticeably smaller, the gel seemed to blur them out a bit. According to the label, the primer shouldn’t be used with a moisturiser  but I noticed my face looked dry and scaly without using a moisturiser so before I apply this product, I use an oil free moisturiser, then the primer and my foundation last.  My face looks smooth and what’s more, the primer helps to minimise my shine which is a win in my life. I will definitely recommend it to anyone oily or otherwise and for just R89.95 at Clicks, I think it’s a bargain.




Inglott Mattifying Under Make-up Base: This primer is hypoallergenic meaning it causes fewer allergic reactions. It has a white, thick gel-like consistency and applies really smoothly. Upon application my face is instantly mattified. However, my face doesn’t stay matt. After an hour or less, my face soon starts to look like I splattered it with some olive oil, almost like its releasing all the oil it’s been holding back. Maybe I have to use the primer with other Inglott products for it to work or maybe it’s not for someone as oily as me, either way, I don’t think I’ll be making a second purchase especially considering it didn’t come cheap. R389 for 30ml at Edgars.




Mac Oil Control Lotion: I love this! It has a thin consistency but is extremely moisturising minus the oiliness. It has oil-free hydration with natural colloidal minerals and antioxidants. I can go for hours without having to blot any excess oil from my face which means my make-up stays fresher for longer! I’ve almost finished my tube and I’m rushing to Mac tomorrow to buy another. Definitely worth the R150 (30ml) I spent.



If you have oily skin and use a primer that works miracles, please comment below on how it’s worked and product name.