How To Always Look Stylish

You don’t have to be rich to look stylish, you only need to have good taste and or – in my case – be discerning.

People have this misconception that to look stylish/expensive/boujee, you need to have lots of money but that isn’t true.

You can be rich and not stylish. Conversely, you can be poor, or at least living on minimum wage and be stylish. Ever heard of the term “hobo chic”? Ha! It bears no relation to this but you get where I’m going with this, right?

If you have discerning taste, you can wear a R99 dress and look just as put together and expensive as someone wearing a R10, 000 dress.  How? With these tips of course:

Here are 5  Ways to Always Look Stylish

1. Dress for the occasion

Stylish people always dress for the occasion. If you are going to work, dress like someone who is going to work. There’s never a time when wearing flip flops to the office is a good idea or wearing pyjama bottoms out in public is appropriate.  You never want to be underdressed but neither do you want to overdress, stylish people find a balance.

2. Know your fabrics

There are certain fabrics that will make you look cheap and there are others that irrespective of whether you got it for R50 or for R1500, you will look boujee and expensive. Fabrics like cotton, wool, silk and linen to name a few will give you rich aunty vibes.  But avoid fabrics like rayon, polyester and other synthetic fabrics which don’t last and after 1 or 2 washes will have you looking like you shop at the R5 store (if there’s such a thing).

3. Maintain good grooming habits

Whether you have 50 cents in your account or half a million rands, make sure you are well-groomed at all times. Simple things like brushing your hair, wearing laundered clothing, manicured nails, some lip balm/vaseline on the lips… Nothing  OTT, pretty basic but it goes a long way and people notice too.

4. Accessorise

Accessories can upgrade your look in an instant but if you overdo it, it can have you looking like Julia Robert’s friend in Pretty Woman. You know, the one that introduced her into prostitution?  A stud earring, wristwatch, or a hat all add a touch of style and elegance to any look.

5. Neutral Tones

I love colour and not to say you can’t look stylish in colour because I do, all the time (no modesty here). But if you’re still finding your style, if you don’t know how to pair colours, you’re safer with neutral tones.

What’s the one thing you do or wear that instantly makes you feel confident and stylish?


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