What you need to know before choosing an outfit

In my previous post I share details of my experience at Salon 58 Awaken Grace. Today’s post is a continuation but here I’m sharing what I wore and what I often think of before choosing an outfit for an occasion.

Deciding on what to wear can be very challenging for men and women. ‘What to wear?’ is a question we commonly ask ourselves and others when choosing an outfit for work, gym or even just to go to the shops. Since what I wear plays a role in how confident I feel about myself, I tend to make the most effort when I’m going somewhere new, meeting someone new, going to a fabulous event like weddings, birthdays or gatherings like Jackie Burger’s soiree, Awaken Grace. They say you only get one chance to make a first impression and your appearance says more about you than you think.

Deciding on what to wear to this event was not easy for me but I think I managed to pull off stylish, elegant and classic which is exactly the look I was going for. I received quite a few compliments from some of the ladies present which further reinforced the fact that I made a good choice in wearing what I did.


I have a process for deciding on what to wear to an event and I generally start with the basics. Below are four list of things I think about before choosing an outfit for an event. I am sharing them with you in the hopes that you too can practice it so you can look great and appropriate for any occasion.

  1. What do you know of the event? Knowing what sort of event you’re going to is really THE most important thing when it comes to dressing for an occasion. When you know the sort of event it is then you’re likely to know the sort of people that will attend the event which will help you in deciding whether you go casual, sexy, elegant, modest, the list goes on. This is also very important for your feet, you wouldn’t want to wear heels if you’re going to be walking and standing on your feet for more than 6 hours of the day.
  1. Weather. Always make sure you are prepared for the weather before stepping out of the house. If you don’t want the inconvenience of carrying a jacket or coat around then be sure to carry a scarf or pashmina for those bipolar weather days. They are lightweight and can easily be shoved in your bag when you don’t need it.
  1. Mood. I have said many times that I am a ‘moody’ dresser. In my sombre moods I wear black. Not to say I only wear black when I’m in a sombre mood, I also wear black when I am trying to achieve the ‘cool’ and self-assured look. Mood is what helps you determine if you want to look feminine and wear a dress or prefer to wear pants or jeans. Clothing helps you play a character and your mood determines which character you want to play.
  1. How long is the event and what kind of event is it? We all have that super tight dress that you can barely breathe in but wear because it accentuates your curves and makes you look sexy. Well, never wear that dress if you’re going to an all-day event or one that requires more than a one course meal otherwise, you’ll end up looking like you’re pregnant and feeling very uncomfortable. Instead, opt for a loose fitting blouse or dress – something that takes the focus away from your body.






I hope these pointers have been useful. If there are other things I haven’t listed that you think about before choosing an outfit for an event, be sure to share it in the comment section below. Xo.

I’m wearing a dress from Hobbs that my dad bought for me.

Neckpiece – Lovisa

Sunglasses: Mango

Trench Coat – Jet

Heels – By Utopia from Zando.co.za

Shoulder bag – Accessorize

Zando Fall for Winter 2016 Collection + Giveaway

To celebrate the launch of  its high winter collection – Fall for Winter, Zando is giving one lucky thediscerningstylist reader a R500 voucher.

The Fall for Winter collection boasts a militant inspired edge, curated to bring out the bold and celebrate the cold with its varied stylish pieces. The collection relies heavily on natural architectural balance provided by the shoot landscape.

“Structural minimalism with a naturally lush setting established the perfect foundation for our Winter 2016 shoot. The texturally rich backdrop lent itself to each trend without disruption, enabling each look to form an identity of its own, ” says – Zeane Singer, Zando Fashion Editor.

Singer breaks down the Winter 2016 into 3 prominent categories:

Luxe Movement
Juxtaposed classic elements combine with luxury for this Athletic-Leisure-wear look. Accentuate your favourite knits with an over-sized bomber or biker jacket and slouched denims for the ultimate relaxed feel.

Ethereal romance inspired by the seventies. This winter’s bohemian flair oozes femininity in its deep tones, rich textures, amid intricate detailing’s of tassels, ruffles and floral flirty prints.

Shadow Chic
Lustful offerings layered with decadent applique, fine knits, boastful booties, and quilted jackets that are sure to keep your cosy classy. Keep your stockings high and your skirts faux.

Here are five of my favourites from the collection.






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Pretty easy, right?! Best of luck!

NB: Competition closes on Monday 20 June 2016 and is open to SA residents only. 


Zando Introduces Call It Spring 2016

Zando recently joined forces with the ultimate shoe, handbag and accessories destination, Call It Spring.

“Our brand is for the original thinker. We aim to provide a space where fashion dynamic souls feel free to experiment with their personal style, debut a new look and figure out their personal epitome between individuality and discovery, ” says Meagan Harris, Marketing Manager for Call It Spring.

Envisaged through transnational runway flair with a contemporary twist, the Call It Spring 2016 Collection may be defined by two seasonal ‘must haves’ and three key themes – the single sole heel and over the knee boot in Polished Punk, Modern Vintage and Wild Kingdom.

Polished Punk – black leather and metallic detail take center stage as we give in to our inner rebel.

Modern Vintage – for the cultural nomad with an eclectic mix of exotic prints, folksy hues and worldly embellishment. This theme is retro made with micro-suede and sweater knits with a modern twist.

Wild Kingdom – welcome to the scene where dark romanticism of the Victorian era meets the rugged lifestyle of forest dwellers. Expect faux-fur lining and corset lacing, darker florals and shiny foils.

Product prices range between R349.00 to R1149.00

Visit  www.zando.co.za/call-it-spring/ to shop Call It Spring on Zando.