The Increasing Popularity of Online Shopping

It’s true, online shopping is the most popular form of shopping now, particularly among millennials.

We’re in a digital age where every day, millions of people around the world can get access to brands and stores with just a click on their phone. It’s quick and easy and the perfect solution for our increasingly busy lives.

So here’s the thing, I love shopping. Not the act itself but the process:

  1.  Girl sees something she likes
  2.  Girl starts thinking of different ways to style it
  3. Girl buys item


I often keep the price tag on any new item of clothing that I buy and only remove the tag on the day I wear it – this can be months or even a year later.

Who else is guilty of this?

Up until quite recently, I preferred to do my shopping in person instead of online. Not unless the product is sold overseas or is strictly an online store. I’m old school, I like to see what I’m buying with my “koro-koro eyes” (own eyes). But that’s changed.

So, what changed my mind?

I work round the clock which means I have very few opportunities to go out and shop. I now mostly do my clothes shopping online. I’m a bit of an impulsive buyer so those sponsored posts that pop up on my social media feeds are the death of me. And let’s face it, it’s so easy to be a shopaholic in this day and age. As easy as stealing candy from a baby.

Online shopping has quickly become my preferred method of shopping because of my busy schedule and limited time. Ain’t nobody got time to stand in a queue to fit an outfit and then again to pay. With online shopping, it’s quick and easy.


Pick your item, pay and have it delivered to your address. It’s also easy with returns because everything can be done from the comfort of your home or office.

You don’t have to get anxiety worrying if you’ll get fired for going 30mins to an hour over your lunch break.

The top 3 Online Fashion Shopping Sites in South Africa

I’ve done enough online shopping in the past two months to be a semi-pro and so I’ve listed my top 3 online shopping sites in South Africa. I’m providing you with everything you need to know from when you register, delivery, service and so much more.

The three giants of online shopping in South Africa are; Zando, Spree and Superbalist.

Here are the pros and cons of each brand.

  1. Free delivery on all orders
  2. After hours and weekend delivery for a minimal fee
  3. Sign up and get a discount. R50 off a minimum of R100 purchase. R100 off minimum of R300 purchase and R200 off a minimum of R500 purchase
  4. Affordable. Claims to have the best and lowest prices in SA. If you find the same product for cheaper elsewhere, they will beat the price
  5. 7 ways to pay; EFT, Credit card, Cheque/Debit card, Cash on Delivery, Ebucks, Pay in Store and UCount rewards
  6. Free returns on all orders
  7. You receive a text message on the day of delivery to let you know your order will be delivered during the course of the day
  8. They have hundreds of brands on the website. Close to 500 fashion brands.
  9. You get freebies with your order. I got a bar of soap and an “I love Zando” shopping bag.

I found the signup process tedious. There were three confusing columns just to register. The first item I bought was under R200 and I had to call the customer care line to complete my registration because I was stuck on payment which I attempted in order to conclude my checkout at least 5 times.

If I hadn’t been so determined to purchase the item that would have been enough provocation to never shop Zando again. BUT, the customer care rep that assisted me was very helpful and professional and the process was relatively smooth after the first and only initial hiccup.


They offer free returns for up to 14 days after purchase is made.


There are many different options for delivery but I opted for the standard delivery which takes 5 – 7 working days. On the first order, my parcel was delivered the next day. My other orders thereafter took a few days but no more than 2 working days after ordering.

I like the fact that you are notified via text on the day of delivery and the delivery person also calls on the day of delivery.


I would 100% recommend Zando. I can’t imagine that you won’t find what you’re looking for on the site with the hundreds of fashion brands they have on the site. I don’t particularly love the layout of the website. It’s not as trendy as the likes of Superbalist and or Spree but the delivery is quick and convenient and the little hiccup I had pre-registration is nothing compared to the service and all the other perks. If you’re looking for affordable fashion then Zando is the way to go.

Some brands we love on Zando are Sissy Boy, Superga, Nike, Polo and Nine West, Public Desire, Steve Madden. The list goes on.

  1. Clean, crisp website
  2. Sign up and get R100 off purchases of R250 or more
  3. Notification tracking order is sent via email regularly
  4. The website offers style tips and how to wear items
  5. Free returns within 30 days (more than Zando which is 14days)
  6. Registration is smooth and easy
  7. Wedding clothes and accessories available for purchase on the site

No free delivery. Delivery is only free if you make a purchase worth R350 or more.


This takes 4 – 5 working days but my order was delivered 2 working days after I ordered.


I would also recommend Spree for all your fashion needs. I think of it as the site for all things fashion. When I think of Spree, I think of sophisticated and high-fashion ensembles.

Some brands we love on Spree are Aldo, Mango, Levi’s, Style Republic and Pringle of Scotland.

  1. Over 500 brands on 1 site
  2. Flexible payment options
  3. Only online fashion website that sells homeware
  4. Sign up and get R250 discount off any order of R600
  5. Free returns within 30days (also longer than Zando but the same as Spree)

During registration, the system couldn’t pick up my address even though the other online sites could so I had to call them and it took three days of following up before their technical department assisted me.


This takes 5 – 7 working days but in my case, it took 3 working days


I would recommend Superbalist. I think of the other two, I like its website the most. There’s just something really cool about it. It’s also easy to browse. It helps that you’ll find anything you’re looking for even homeware.


Of the three sites, it’s difficult to pick a favourite because all three are great and they have something that’s unique to each site. However, if I were to base it on affordable fashion and who goes the extra mile by giving freebies, I’d say Zando. Although, Superbalist also comes through with impromptu discounts on selected items.

I get most things online now and it beats going to the shops.

Check out my Instagram to see how I style some of the items I bought from each site. But before you go, I’d like to know, are you an online shopper or an in-store shopper? Comment below.

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