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I’d heard about Lush from other bloggers on Instagram but not one to give in to hypes, I  only popped in store for the first time EVER this week – just in time for Valentine’s Day.

I am what one can term a lover of all things womanly. If it makes you look or smell good, I’ll buy it! So you can imagine how I felt when I walked into Lush at The Waterfront this Wednesday. Kid at a candy store is an understatement in describing how I felt, perhaps Alice in Wonderland might be a more apt description.

Without making this too long winded, let’s dive right in to the products. It was a difficult choice because I wanted to buy everything at the store but I managed to walk away with two things, only!  The limited edition The Kiss lip scrub which came out just in time for Valentine’s Day and It Started With a Kiss lip tint.

The Kiss lip scrub – R95: Never have I known a lip scrub that you can use on your lips and also lick off so that was an exciting discovery. The smell is super yummy, it tastes yummy and the ingredients are nourishing – my lips felt smooth and soft after one gentle scrub. The fact that they are against animal testing completely won me over and I couldn’t help but wonder why I hadn’t discovered the store sooner.


It Started With a Kiss lip tint – R95: I love this lip tint because it is the perfect date lip wear. Men don’t like lipstick or lip gloss much. Sure you look attractive with it on but kissing you when you have gloss or colour on is not so pleasant for them. Believe me, I’ve done my research! My ex told me kissing me with lipgloss on is like kissing fly paper, ouch right?! The lip tint is perfect for those wanting some colour on their lips but also want to maintain kissable and natural looking lips. I love almost everything about this particular lip tint.  It’s a subtle red colour that gives off a stained, natural look to my lips. It also tastes good and won’t have your partner repulsed at the thought of kissing you. What I don’t like is the red stain on my fingers when I apply it so you have to eaither wipe off with tissue, wet wipes or wash off. Alternatively, you can dab the product on your lips -from the container- without using your fingers, as I discovered.

DSCN4032 (2)

DSCN4035 (2)

So why not make your kiss game strong not only this Valentine’s Day but forever with their amazing range of lips scrubs.




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