To Beach or Not to Beach

Happy New Year beautiful people!

Yay to my first post of the year! I’m beyond thrilled and grateful to have this platform to share my love of clothes, style and beauty.

It has been incredibly hot in the Western Cape – even for summer – and so I try to wear as little as possible. This past Saturday, my friend and I made plans to go to the beach and instead of wearing a swimwear, I opted for this casual and summery outfit of shorts, crochet half top and a short sleeved summer cape.

We unfortunately didn’t make it to the beach as it was overcrowded, something to be expected at this time of year. We instead, had a bite at Clubhouse Tapas Bar on Camps Bay, slowly getting roasted by the sun.

The New Year is a time to reflect on the past and plan for the future and while I’m pleased with the progress I made with the blog last year, I have even bigger goals to accomplish this year!

DSCN2988 (2)

DSCN2984 (2)

DSCN2991 (2)

DSCN2945 (2)

DSCN2954 (2)

DSCN2997 (2)

DSCN2999 (2)

DSCN3001 (2)

Please leave a comment at the end of the page, I’d like to know what you’d like to see more of this year ;).

Short Sleeve Summer Cape: Mr Price

Crochet top: TheLot

Crocheted Sling bag: The Sak


2 thoughts on “To Beach or Not to Beach”

  1. Love the whole beach ensemble, your eye candy (sunglasses) is so dreamy. I’d like to see more dresses, monochrome outfits and everything in between.

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