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Trend Talk: Are Flared Jeans Making a Comeback in 2020?

Flared jeans used to be all the rage in the 70s, fast forward five decades later and it’s making a comeback in 2020.

There’s a strong 70s movement on the runway and celebrities like Margot Robbie, Harry Styles and Penelope Cruz have been seen rocking this 1970s hippie trend.

Denim jeans have always been on-trend, it’s the style of jeans that has changed over the years. From low-rise, baggy, bootcut, skinny, high waist to mom jeans, the list goes on and now it seems like a fair few of us will be ditching our regular jeans in favour of flared jeans, or will we?

I shared a poll on Instagram and asked my followers what they thought of the flared jeans trend. 86% of them voted to say they loved it.

Let me tell you, I initially did not care for this trend but much like the dad sneakers, it is beginning to grow on me.

Like with all trends, the flared jeans is not for everyone. If you are under 5”5 inches, the only time you should be wearing flared jeans is with at least a 4-inch heel.

Here are three ways you can wear flared jeans this summer


Crop It

For a casual look, pair your flared jeans with a crop top and sneakers


Business hippie

The great thing about flared jeans is that you can dress it up or down. To dress it up for work or a business meeting, throw on a blazer and a pair of heels for the ultimate professional yet stylish look.


70’s baby

A top, choker and or a printed scarf is reminiscent of decades past but an oh so trendy way to complete this look. As they say,  if it ain’t broke don’t fix it. For additional sass, throw on a pair of oversized square sunglasses for the perfect 70’s look.

What are your thoughts on the flared jeans? Love it or make it stop?

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