Two-tone lips beauty trend – hot or not?

Say goodbye to ombre lips, two-toned lips are the latest and hottest beauty trend. I first spotted this trend on Instagram and it immediately grabbed my attention. The lips, not unlike the eyes are the focal point of your face. I’m that girl who aims to buy the brightest, boldest and most unique lip colour at the shop. Anything from purple, blue, pink or black, I’ve got. So, the two-toned lips trend instantly became a ‘ must try’  for me.

The two-tone lips trend involves using two different shade/colour of lipsticks and keeping them completely separate from each other – no mixing whatsoever which means not smacking your lips together, ladies!


  1. Select two different colour lipsticks you wish to apply. They can be complementary or clashing colours.

two-tone lips

To achieve this striking contrast of colours, I used Nyx Liquid Suede in Amethyst, Vaseline Cocoa Butter and Mac Matte Chili.

2. Apply whichever of the two colours you want on your top lip, keeping your lips separate (partially open), apply the second lipstick to your bottom lip and voila!

Two-tone lips

The complementary colours used to achieve this look are LA Girl Glazed Lip Paint in Seduce and Blushing

Things to note
  1. I skipped the lip lining step but if you must use a lip liner, make sure it is the same shade as the lipstick you apply. It is no longer two-tone lips if you use a different lip liner shade to your lipstick.
  2.  Your top lipstick may bleed onto your lower lipstick as you’re bound to close your lips at some point. To avoid this, use a matte lipstick instead of a glossy one.
  3. For fuller looking lips, use similar tone lipsticks like two different shades of pink or a moisture rich lipstick.
  4. If you love colour like I do, and are feeling a tad daring, try clashing colours like purple and orange or blue and green – have fun with the look!
My Verdict

While it was fun trying something new, I find the trend impractical and inconvenient as I had to keep my lips unnaturally separated to keep the colours from mixing.  My choice of purple and orange was a bit OTT and not at all a look I’d wear in public. If you’re thinking of trying this trend and wearing it to the office or anywhere outside of your house, I recommend going for complementary colours.

I’d say this is a hot trend but do I see it becoming as much a hit as ombre lips? No!

Have you tried this beauty trend? What are your thoughts?


3 thoughts on “Two-tone lips beauty trend – hot or not?”

  1. I literally wear 2 toned lips almost every single day. It’s how you do it. I personally like matte lipstick. I use one whole shade all over and then I use a shimmer eyeshadow that im using for my eyes and add it to my bottom lip. I almost always do the bottom lip. And yes over time your upper lip will get some of the shimmer eyeshadow on it but it kinda turns onto a 2 toned ombre. I love it

  2. If you used LipSense, this would be easy! The two colors will not transfer onto each other!!! You CAN rub your lips together! And the color lasts up to 18 hours!!!! Let me know if you want more information! 💋

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