Wedding Guests Outfit Inspo: My Two Style Recommendations

It’s still wedding season and if you’re wondering what to wear, I’ve got you. Styling yourself for a wedding when you’re just a guest doesn’t have to be a hassle.

Maybe I’ll find my husband. If it’s not your wedding then it’s not your shine to steal.

Yes, you want to look your best but you can achieve this without having to spend an arm and a leg.

Look A-M-A-Z-I-N-G ☑
Affordable  ☑
Comfort  ☑

Wedding guest outfit inspiration – Do’s and Don’ts
    1. Do wear something comfortable.

You want to look good, yes, but it shouldn’t be at the expense of being comfortable.

A wedding is sort of a 24-hour affair. You will walk more than usual, eat more than usual and dance more than usual. With that in mind, something tight is not the way to go, not unless you don’t mind sucking in your stomach the entire day. You’ll look constipated and you’ll be uncomfortable.

Free-flowing dresses, gathered or pleated skirts are just a few of the clothing items that will not draw attention to your stomach if and when you decide to overindulge on food and drinks.

Don’t wear your 7-inch stiletto because you will be doing a lot of walking and it’ll probably be on grass. Getting your heels caught and being in pain for most of the day is not cool, it’s foolish.

                        2. Don’t wear white to the wedding.

The only person that should wear white is the bride. “Don’t be that girl,” a friend of mine said to me once when asked if it was appropriate to wear white to someone’s wedding.

Do wear bright colours, florals and anything that looks festive-chic. After all, it is a joyous occasion and your clothing should reflect it.

                          3. Don’t overspend on an outfit.

If you want to splurge, splurge on the couple’s gift. Your outfit doesn’t have to cost a small fortune. Have a budget and stick to it. I spent R600 on my outfit and I didn’t have to buy it for the occasion. It was already in my wardrobe so I guess I spent nothing. You can do the same.

Do carry a change of clothes.

As I mentioned earlier, weddings can be a 24-hour affair. From church to the reception, the merriment begins at the reception. Anything can happen while you’re eating, drinking and dancing. You can stain or rip your clothes so having a spare just in case is smart.

My top 2 clothing recommendations to wear as a guest to a wedding is a pleated and or gathered skirt. No matter your size, either of these will cinch your waist and take the focus off your stomach so there will be no reason to suck anything in. You can style it with a statement top and heels.

What’s your favourite outfit to wear to a wedding and why?

Look 1

Gathered floral skirt – Mr Price

Pink top – H&M

Heels – Next

Look 2

Pink pleated skirt – H&M

Heels – Steve Madden

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