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Winter Fashion – How to Slay Warm This Winter

Ah, yes, winter is here. Dull, gloomy, cold and rainy days ahead but that is no reason to neglect your appearance.

I’ve put together three winter looks to help you slay warm this winter and what’s best about these looks is that they are very affordable. Under R1000 for a mini-winter wardrobe? Now, that’s what I call W-I-N-N-I-N-G!


Trench coat, sock boots – Mr Price

Look 1

Trench coats are a staple winter look. A good trench coat will last you decades and can be passed on to your children.
Invest in a good quality coat and the only reason you’ll need to change your coat is because you can, and not because you need or have to. If you can’t afford to splurge on a coat but still want to look stylish and keep warm then this Mr Price trench coat is a must-grab.


Gilet, boots, skirt and turtleneck – Mr Price

Look 2

Turtlenecks are also making a comeback. To be fair, they never really left. Not entirely anyway. They’re in and then out and in again and out and now they’re back again. When it comes to keeping warm, not only is layering effective but so are tight fitting clothing. I don’t mean for you to wear a bodycon dress with your skin on display and think it’ll shield you from the cold. What I mean is to layer with camisoles, long sleeve spandex tops – these types of clothing create insulation and help to keep the body warm.

Shirt – Mango

Skirt – Mr Price

Sleeveless coat – The Fix

Look 3

Pleated skirts are great for both winter and summer. In winter, you can pair your pleated skirt with tights/stockings.

Which of the three looks do you see yourself rocking this winter?

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